What Happens at Paragon Casino Resort on Its Last Day?

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What Happens at Paragon Casino Resort on Its Last Day?

Paragon Casino Resort marks the final day of the first week of spring Break at Paragon Casino Resort. Here is a preview of the day that you will be able to see the resort on its last day of operations.

Beginning at nine, the decorations begin to go up in Paragon Casino Resort. In the morning the main floor will be decorated with bowling, and pool areas, and games for children to enjoy. In the afternoon, guests will have a chance to take a spin on the Paragon Sports Wheel, which allows customers to choose a sport that they enjoy, such as boxing, or horseback riding.

From five to seven, the casino will open its doors to customers to start playing their favorite games in Paragon Casino Resort. Guests who are still wishing to try out their luck and put their money to good use can sign up for a slot machine test. Guests who do not have enough money will be able to play games like roulette or blackjack, and they may even get a chance to play in a poker game. All of these games are available to all guests who wish to try them out.

Once guests have been seated and have begun to enjoy their food and drink, casino staff will be ready to take their final roll, in order to help guests finish their day. To ensure that everyone who comes to Paragon Casino Resort will have a great time, and will leave feeling relaxed and happy, there will be many different types of entertainment for guests to enjoy. Guests who come to Paragon Casino Resort for the day can expect to find mini-games, and many slots to be played.

For guests who wish to get a more structured routine in, they can opt to play a slot machine before they get to Paragon Casino Resort. If someone is really looking for a particular slot machine, they can bring it back to their room and have the machine re-calibrated. This is also a good way to make sure that the machine will be working correctly when it is time to play. This is something that can be done anywhere on the hotel property, such as the golf course or pool area.

In the evening, the casino will be open again at Paragon Casino Resort. Once again, players will be given a chance to play some of the same games that they had played on the weekend. The casino will also have poker tournaments, along with other competitions that will be set up by the casino. These can vary from the first night, through the final night of the Spring Break at Paragon Casino Resort.

If someone is curious about what the casino has to offer, they can look into booking a reservation with Paragon Casino Resort during the week. These reservations are available only on weekdays, so people will need to find a good time for them. Many of the rooms that are reserved by these reservations do not come at a rate that is lower than normal rates. The reserve price will be higher than normal, but all of the amenities that people get when they reserve a room are still going to be included.

As expected, Paragon Casino Resort will be closing its doors for the winter season. Guests who want to keep playing casino games throughout the fall and into the holiday season can call the casino for reservations, or take a trip to Paragon Casino Resort during its winter months. Once the hotel returns to being the casino it once was, there will be a lot more people who are going to be able to come enjoy the game of casino gambling.