Paragon Marksville Casino – What to Expect

Paragon Marksville Casino is a state of the art facility. The Paragon Marksville Casino is located in the French Quarter, New Orleans, and offers guests with all the amenities they could wish for. While visiting this casino you will find that it is similar to that of an actual casino.

paragon marksville casino

Guests can spend hours gambling or participating in all the games in the Paragon Marksville Casino. The casino itself is very large with lots of tables, high stakes games, and even slots. The parlor is decorated to suit any style of gaming, with matching upholstery, decorations, and full decorating for comfort. There are some great games including roulette, blackjack, poker, and table games.

There are many things that you can do while at the Paragon Marksville Casino. You can play games such as a shuffleboard table. This is a great place to spend your evening after a day at the casino. The Paragon Marksville Casino has a board games room, and also games such as air hockey, console, and chess. You can also shop from a specialty shop where you can buy sports related memorabilia and collectibles.

There are many bars in the Paragon Marksville Casino. These bars serve drinks as well as food and there are plenty of special events that occur here. Many guests enjoy staying at the Paragon Marksville Casino for lunch and there are daily meals, or lunch specials, offered.

While you are at the Paragon Marksville Casino, you may want to try the “surprise” slots. Here, you will find a number of different variations in which you can get yourself into. While at the Paragon Marksville Casino you may want to check out the poker room and try the table games.

When you are not gambling you can visit the Paragon Marksville Casino for dining. The Paragon Marksville Casino offers fine dining for any occasion. Guests can dine in the restaurant or on one of the table-service meals. If you choose to dine in, you can get any of the wonderful pieces of equipment that is available to you. These include flat screen TVs, DVD players, and even PDA’s.

The Paragon Marksville Casino also features the largest casino floor of any casino in the United States. It is easy to see why the Paragon Marksville Casino is one of the biggest casinos in the United States. You can gamble here and get as excited as the pros!

If you’re interested in playing blackjack or poker, the Paragon Marksville Casino is a great place to play. The casino is decorated to suit any style of game, you may be interested in playing. Other games on the blackjack table include craps, Texas hold’em, and nine-pin bowling. Guests can play those other games or they can also play video poker.