Hotels Near the Paragon Casino in Marksville La, Louisiana

Hotels near the Paragon Casino in Marksville La, Louisiana may be difficult to find. This is because this casino is not available on any travel website and the nearest hotels are located in the city of New Orleans.

hotels near the paragon casino in marksville la

The Paragon Casino Hotel was constructed in 1996 as a one hundred eighty-five room hotel for gamblers from all over the United States. As it is located in Marksville, it is surrounded by the NOPD station. The bars are only ten feet away from the entrances of the hotel.

The Paragon has a variety of rooms and services. It is no surprise that tourists and gamblers choose to stay here. The service staff is always ready to serve customers and they are quite friendly too. Guests can purchase gambling chips from the bar.

There are two restaurants in the Paragon. The Hot Cheeses Buffet serves food that ranges from burgers and fries to bistro sandwiches and seafood. There is also a Southwestern Lounge, which serves Mexican and American foods along with free buffets on Thursdays.

There is also a discotheque inside the Paragon. The United States Casino Tour company’s official site provides a place to learn more about the Paragon Casino Hotel. The Paragon also hosts a number of famous shows like the American Movie Cartoons, the American Comedy Shows, and the Quo Vadis productions.

The Paragon Casino also has a bar that serves alcoholic beverages. It is advisable that you do not drink any more than you are allowed. The american casino also offers free appetizers and soft drinks to guests.

As it is located in a low-income neighborhood, it is important that the Paragon have a full complement of police officers on duty. Guests should also have their guest identification cards handy at all times. All of these security measures are in place to keep guests safe and to ensure that they do not get hurt while they are gambling.

In order to be able to play blackjack, you must visit the Paragon Casino Hotel and use the blackjack machines. Be sure to use the correct blackjack table before betting. Also, don’t forget to check the blackjack books in order to determine your odds and winnings.